Today’s hydraulics customers prefer one-stop-shopping. Hydoring has a solid reputation as a trusted and reliable supplier for both industrial and mobile applications.

Our HDS special cylinder series meets even the most demanding customer needs

Special cylinders are always made according to the customer’s specifications, either by making special versions of our standard and ISO-standard cylinders, designing from scratch or by realising the customer’s designs and drawings.

Different versions of our cylinders can include, for example, the option of a stainless steel piston rod, as well as a different colour or painting system. We have also added ARC coating to our options to further improve your cylinder’s corrosion resistance.

Among the special cylinders we offer are:
  • Plunger cylinders
  • Single- and double-acting telescope cylinders
  • Spring cylinders
  • Torque actuators and servo cylinders
  • Cylinders for highly corrosive conditions
  • Cylinders for low and high temperatures

Special cylinder HDS 1600

Erikoissylinteri HDS1600

HDS 1600 - product brochure