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HD 6000 is a double acting hydraulic servo cylinder

HD6000 Kaksitoiminen asemointisylinteri

Piston diameters are ∅50, ∅63, ∅80, ∅100 and ∅125 mm, other
dimensions on request. There is two optional rod diameters for each bore size.
Each cylinder size has two versions, either cylinder fitted with position
sensor HD 6500 -series, or cylinder fitted with subplate for control
valve and with position sensor HD 6600 -series.
Used position sensors are non-contact magnetostrictive linear sensors.
Standard delivery is selectable either MTS Temposonics or Balluff, other
makes on request. Our sales helps to choose correct sensor for different applications.

HD6000_Technical specifications.pdf

HD6000 - product brochure
kaksitoiminen hydraulinen asemointisylinteri, Double Acting Hydraulic Servo Cylinder

  • Piston diameters are ∅50, ∅63, ∅80, ∅100 and ∅125 mm
  • Used position sensors are non-contact magnetostrictive linear sensors
  • When designing HD 6000 -series special attention has been paid to cylinder seals