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Bishop's visit to Hydoring

Hydoring Oy (sales a hydoring.com), Mar 13th 2019

Hydorig has a lot of visitors every year with different stakeholders. At the end of February, we had special guests from the Archbishop of Turku.

From the Archbishop of Turku:
Bishop Kaarlo Kalliala, Notary Riikka Hietanen, County Councilor Risto Leppänen, Deputy Kaisa Huhtala
From Church of Pöytyä:
Vicar Matti Kaipainen, Financial Manager Leena-Maija Rantala, Leading Cantor Helena Heimola,
Chairman of the Church Council Reino Kallio, Vice-chairman of the Church Council Marja-Liisa Virtanen,
Vice-Chancellor of the Church Vestry Mikko Nurmi,
From municipality of Pöytyä:
Mayor Anu Helin, Cultural Secretary Taina Myllynen

Guests were able to get acquainted with Hydoring's production and talk to the staff during the factory tour.
Thank you for your visit!

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