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Global networking

Hydoring Oy (sales a hydoring.com), Dec 14th 2018

Wihuri Oy Technical Trade invited us to join our Mazak travel to Japan in November 2018.

Japani 1

Timo Raikko was able to participate as part of the global Mazak Autumn MIMTA 2018 customer group, consisting of people from all over the world. On his way, he became acquainted with one of the world's leading machine tool makers, Mazak, for machine tool manufacturing in six Nagoya industrial plants. He was among the first to get to know the magnificent Inaben plant, which was opened in May this year, specializing in the manufacture of large machines. The trip offered an excellent opportunity to get to know the latest engineering technology and not forgetting the Japanese culture.
Timo also keep a thank you speech where he was able to tell about Hydoring about Mr Mazak, Mr Yamazaki, his family, the Mazak government and the global customer group.