Hydoring 30 Vaaka Sloganilla Canvas


Founded in 1987, Hydoring has strong traditions in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders and power units.

Environmental policy

The company's management has committed to environmental protection by drafting a specific environmental policy:

  • The attitude and commitment of our staff is the backbone of the environmental protection.
  • Environmental protection is a vital part of the company's operational code. We follow the general environmental legislation.
  • Environmental aspects are taken into account at all levels of our operations: sales, design, production and product life cycle.
  • Environmental protection is also considered in decision making, planning operations and implementation at all organisation levels.
  • All the organisation levels share the responsibility of the environmental protection.
  • Informing of environmental matters is to be open and active.
  • Recognizing and controlling the environmental effects of our production and products is being taken care of in all our operations.